When I open it, it pulls up my camera with some options on the bottom of the screen and under it all it shows 4 blocks which looks like I should be see my camera roll begin to load there but they don’t seem to be loading. I started out just using the free version which has quite a few features itself but quickly realized that this developer knows what they’re doing and opted for a lifetime subscription. But I can never choose new photos on my library. I love your app and love your dedication to keeping it updated!!! 4.8/5. Once I found this app I knew my searching was finally over! App APKPure in uso per aggiornare focos-sme, veloce, gratuita e risparmi dati internet. No ads. So I just purchased this app and it’s freakin’ AWESOME!!! 期待在iPad版本上的表现!. I'm a big fan, and the new one doesn't fit the app's current style. I cannot express how impressive this app is. Using APKPure App to upgrade Focos, fast, free and save your internet data. A single place for all of your apps, social media and email accounts from a simple and clean desktop app. Wow Takes too long. I love it. EDIT: Dev replied letting me know that there was a purchase option. All in all, great job with the app. La descrizione di focos-sme. fell in love with one of the dresses … 4.8 out of 5. If I have Iphone 7, 8, & X, I don’t need this App because those phone have portrait mode on it, but this App needs to work for Iphone 6, the reason of why. 5,551 total. focos offers … So my review is this: If you like the power of the Focos app, reward the developer by investing in the Focus Live app in faith that whatever shortcomings you might find will be addressed eventually if they can be addressed at all. The Focus app takes its name from its core feature – Smart Focus Peaking™. With the functionality of taking portrait videos with wide aperture and bokeh effect, Focos Live is the next big thing when it comes to computational photography. The latest improvement is “continuous shooting” makes this flow a breeze! Before I leave my full review I have a question first. Hi Brett, Good to hear it's helping you get through more in your day! It really does make my 7 plus work in a higher level when it comes to photography especially with the black background which is more like Portrait Lighting. This is the neatest little app ever! Really excited about it, I went to test it. Did something happen in this last version to tone down the maximum blur possible? Hi Mark, Happy to hear you found the set-up and use of our product as extremely user-friendly! 5/5. Give some extras depth to your photos. But of all the apps I’ve accumulated, Focos is by far the best. Hope you can make one for us . Focos also lets users save their photos in 1536 x 2048, 2160 x 2880, and 3024 x 2032 sizes, and gives users access to in-app purchases like Max Curve which is a professional photo editor which works mainly with the curve edit function, and ColorBurn which gives you access to 1,000 filters for your portrait photography. Also when you edit one layer and save, it frequently loose the other layers. Great app, the perfect add-on for amateur photographers. I love the app but for some reason I can’t see all of my photos from my library. Advertising. 4.5/5 This App is awesome, one of the best i have used!! Super fascinating what you can do now. Let me introduce myself. Why can’t I see the photos that I’ve taken with Halid?! This app takes amazing photos but I wish the back and retake photo buttons were positioned near the bottom of the screen and make it easier to retake photos fast. The description of Focos With our Focos - Focosrama effects, you will enjoy photographing and photo editing even more, and share them on SNS easily. Thank you so much !!! I might be wrong about this but there were no tutorials at the beginning to show me how to use the app. Cannot describe how happy it makes me. Yes, I made an initial purchase, but nowhere does it say there is a monthly charge. Denis Salijević, Serbia. The price is good to. Otherwise, this app is INCREDIBLE and I love it. I can add effects that are only in the foreground or the background Well I wanted an iPhone 8. Out of all the apps I have tried, this is the app I’ve been looking for! Thanks for your feedback on grouping apps, its on our roadmap! ", "A simple to use time-saver in the battle against browser tabs. First, open up the Focos app, and either take a photo from inside the app itself or swipe up to see a grid of photos in your library. Hi Noyan, Great to hear this is helping you with multiple email accounts and was quick for you to set-up! I went to purchase the 9.99 unlimited and got charged 20.69 I like the app but not that much. 1.4K Ratings. I have an iPhone 6 Plus, I downloaded this app hoping it would help because the focus feature on the camera are only available on iPhones starting from iPhone 7. I’m hopeful that the developers will enhance and carry on the depth editing data, and maybe add some more useful features. With FOCOSconnect’s service scheduling software app, you can increase productivity and improve compliance and achieve the ultimate goal of providing better quality of care. The new brush mode is a game changer as well. Focos – Free, with options for in-app purchases. We will be looking at further personalisation of the app with features such as dark mode! Hi Scott, Appreciate your feedback, glad to hear you found the set-up and use of our product as easy. 1. It will be perfect. 's Review of Focos. When I was about to take a picture, a notification popped up saying that the feature was only available in the iPhones 7’s, 8 (plus) and iPhone 10. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Focus 10. Focus “peaking” is where areas of the image in the vie… -theCHAD @shopthisisart-&-filmforhope.inc. I will wait until it will work for Iphone 6. Ratings and Reviews See All. It is truly amazing what this app teaches you about bokeh photos from a dual lens iPhone, and it has amazing edit features!! Perfect for all the good camera effects you can think of -as far as my knowledge goes!! (OLD REVIEW)Love the free version but as could be expected it is understandably limited. Cannot do anything but watch the tutorial or help mode. in working iphone lists there was start from 5s to higher.but in my iphone 6 doesn’t work.thank you. But i’m will be more if you improve filters and effect of this app. Enjoy using Focos and support us by leaving your review for the features of each update to help us make it better. I have no idea. If not, then very ordinary. This app needs a phone that can take Portrait Mode photos with the Camera app. If you can rectify this it would be great application. Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10 Team (Surface Hub). Thanks for your comments about lack of mobile, it's on our roadmap for sure, a sync'd mobile version. The main features of focos include smart downloads, instant app switching, and pause notifications. Worth buying a dual camera phone for. A great app I love the way it focus on a certain part of the pix love it ! Update: thanks to a timely developer’s response, I’ve discovered a plethora of fine adjustments that are possible under the plus icon (itself under the magic wand bottom right). 3. I put it in continuous mode and use it as my go to camera. . These range from communications and social media apps to project management and graphic design apps. Focos camera need for iPod touch too. The app store description is misleading to those without dual camera therefor it should be re-worded! Original review: Just discovered Continuous Mode, and the fact that I can go back and re-edit old photos. Since I use both iOS and Android, I really wish this app (or an equivalent) was available on Android as well. Focos photo shoots are amazing and really easy. Tap to focus after shooting. Our safe and secure service scheduling software app is the easiest way to schedule services when and where they are needed, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. FOCOS scored 83/100 in the Productivity Tools category. Not sure if this is even possible, would love to have multiple focus and blur points in an image that can be fully adjustable. Thanks for your feedback on groups and departments, its in our roadmap. Please please please release a version of this app for phones like mine!! Five stars and highly recommended! ———————————- Focos is a serious step forward into the destiny of … This is based on user satisfaction (95/100) , press buzz (5/100) , recent user trends (falling) , and other relevant information on FOCOS … 2. You know how Favorited images in the All Photos folder on iphones have a heart symbol? Focos photograph app for iPhoneXiaodong Wang. Thank goodness. It is not working in iPhone 6S 11.3 version . Seems like a nice app though. It will only let you edit a “sample photo.” 4.7 out of 5. Why it’s not compatible with iPhone 6s Plus? 6.7K Ratings. Fit Brains. Hi, I would love to use this app so it could help me work on photography more but it’s not compatible with my phone which is an iPhone SE and I’m really sad about that, will you be able to make it compatible for other devices? It’s completely worth it. I really love what this app has to offer. We are saving some serious dough. Does a fantastic job emulating bokeh of various lenses. focos-sme 3.0.1 Aggiornare. Just discovered Continuous Mode, and the fact that I can go back and re-edit old photos. Changing the lighting of a scene after already taking the photo really ups my photo game. Using APKPure App to upgrade Focos Camera, fast, free and save your internet data. Love how I can control what to focus on and blur. Scarica APK (6.5 MB) Versions. Best wishes! Focos brings DSLR-like photography to your iPhone with big aperture and real bokeh effect, which most photographers have always desired. Lifetime unlimited access price is worth it and a steal. Excelsior!! Suggestion: allow depth editing/painting have a mode to smoothly transition depth instead of just painting to the exact level set. Harrisburg, PA USA. I done my research via YouTube and played around with some apps. Absolute five star must have app. Versão de testes do aplicativo FOCOS (3.7.9) focos-sme Tags. Better than Halide for Depth control on non human subjects I am using it on iPhone XR, only free features so far. Hey, Many thanks for your review, we appreciate it! It should work for that. This app came out of nowhere and each update brings super cool new features. Simply the best purchase I have ever done. Best wishes, WFHBOX Team. Keep up the good work! Focos Camera pro is a big step into the future of computational photography and light-field camera, bringing DSLR-like photography to your device, with beautiful bokeh effects usually achievable only with professional large aperture cameras. i Mean Other Features !! noGuddamnName , 20/04/2020. I was very disappointed about it, because on the app description in App Store, it says that it’s compatible with my phone, which it’s not true. This app is so easy to use an intuitive the interface is extremely easy to navigate and the tutorials are quick and simple. Focos App test with iPhone XS and more thoughts on computational video bokeh for vlogging. But I did purchase the lifetime pass so I’m hoping to add that 5th star soon. Focos now supports all devices and changing everything being equivalent. The app is written well, is intuitive, and produces quick feedback such as the ability to focus anywhere one touches on a photo and shows the default picture before editing when a photo is pressed firmly. communication has been brilliant quick and very efficient and a refund was given immediately. Now what to do? Randolph I just wanted to be able to edit my photos differently. Anyone else experiencing this? Thank you, Tells me it works onmy iphone 8 and after download it tells me dual camera required. Thank you Focos!!!! We'll take into account pricing, we are better value than the competition who are 30-40% more. Best wishes. I have an iPhone 6 and I can’t use the app as I have something lower than an iPhone 7 Plus. It is everything I want, and it’s free! I shoot a lot of pics with it for work and we do a lot of live action shots. Every time I try to use this or take a picture using this app it keeps saying it needs an iPhone 7 and up.. It’s inaccurate for landscapes and wide shots. App is completely mind-blowing! It’s good for making pictures focus and look good but they should only let people download on the phones that actually work with this app. Hi Chris, Appreciate your comments, great to see the productivity benefits you are getting from the product! Or only the plus versions? The Pro tools already support creativity beyond the core Focos “bokeh” capability. It’s useless. Best, WFHBOX Team. $10, I paid it gladly and immediately. Every time I try to take a photo it tells me I should have an iPhone 7 or up to use. How can I take portrait photos by this tool in for example iPhone 6s ? What’s the point of letting us download it on iPhone 8 if it only works in the “plus” version. Great input about the multiple tabs within apps, this has been noted! OnFaceCreate. I thought they just became lost!! Everything is great, but it would be awesome to have a basic photoediting tools: brightness, contrast etc. Gave it four stars because I just started using it but I have no doubt it will be a five star in no time flat! Super fascinating what you can do now. From the simple message that says your not close enough before taking the photo, to the video help files easily found with “?” icon - not only gets you started, if you’ve never taken depth of field photos before, they produce fantastic results. Saying this app changes the entire landscape (so to speak) of photography would not be understating the situation. This app looks amazing, but it doesn’t work with my phone. It’s obvious that the dev understands photography and how to make an awesome app. You guys got it all fixed in what? 6.7K Ratings . App description says my device doesn't have the features required for this app. Djhshcisgudishshdidhgsh's Review of Focos. This app is beast! I don’t have need to pay for this app to use for my needs but I think they deserve to be paid for what they are doing here .. IT English; Português ... 0 Reviews | 0 Posts. If there is a way to do that and I’m missing it, I would love to know! It does lag though, a few times I’ve had to force it to shut down just so I don’t miss an opportunity at a shot. Something not right yet... but this have awesome potential, can’t wait for the next update. I have a senior in high school and overheard another parent speaking of the $1,000.00 photography session for their senior. I’m Gavin, and I’m a iPhone photographer. Great if there was a way to see my photo gallery stored in iOS Photos! Otherwise great app and thank you so much. 26K Ratings. But although the app seems to be good, just hoped it could work with all phones with no exception. I’m always on the hunt for the ultimate camera app for my iPhone 7 Plus and it’s been that way for the past 4 years sense I got my first iPhone. SO fun and amazing!!! So maybe if you can make this app available to my 6S, it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for developing it! It does a good job, but every other feature of the app seems overly destructive to the image you’re editing. 2019-08-24. It says on the store page it’s compatible with my phone, which it is with the software. This app came out of nowhere and each update brings super cool new features. Seriously get the Lifetime Plan The developer had high hopes that his users would be very happy about all the revolutionary improvements of the new update. The FlexTILT Head 2 is a lightweight head that extends, tilts and pans. Overall. FOCOS app review - Duration: 6:59. Hi Davide, Awesome that the product is keeping you engaged in your SaaS apps, and keeping you focused! Love this app. Why search and switch between apps, log in and out of accounts? Download Focos and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. I'm stunned by this app's performance, and it's free, which is just mind-blowing to say the least. Focos is the app of the year. I was rather disappointed after getting (and apparently not fully researching) my new iPhone XR that the camera didn’t support portrait mode unless an actual PERSON was in it ! App does not work for iPhone 7 as described, false information. And then with the full purchase, you can change the shape of the blurry background bokeh into other shapes - like hearts, stars, Apple logo, etc. Customer Service . Ratings and Reviews See All. Xanaduian , 04/08/2020. I love the lighting effects you can get with it.You can see some of the photos I took with this app on instagram at up north anything photography. I love the fact that I can take a photo and edit the focus afterwards. Would give it that last ⭐️ when it can support ALL my photos and not just the “portrait” mode pictures I’ve taken with my phone or the app. iPhone xsmax- Been using this app for about a year. When attempting to snap a photo a message will pop up stating it is for “dual camera” phones and prompt you to “see sample.” There is no way to take a photo. Best wishes. Thought MAYBE like a month... but NO!!! This app is saving me hours — truly HOURS — of time in post editing by allowing me to set up what I want, and then shoot that JAW-DROPPING SHOT! I download this app. The app does a great job of blur but you have to upgrade to access any of the other features but there isn’t any link on the app to upgrade, I thought it would be fun but when I try to take a picture it says BLAHH BLAH I hate it. ——— Best wishes! When the iPhone X was announced, Apple said it was the camera platform which would enable new whole new features deliver with just software. Best wishes, WFHBOX Team. You are an artist when you use focos. It says in the compatibility area that it’s compatible with iPhone 7 but it’s not. You don’t have to select object from the image. They aren't cheap, but when combined these two products provide easy camera mounting, re-positioning and movement either for video work or time lapse photography. I like this app, specially adjusting blur effect after taking photo, but only one thing I don’t like about this app is, it reduces the size of image after editing, so if you are watching photos on big screen you are loosing the clarity. I bought the premium version specifically to have depth mask editing tools, unfortunately the multi layer editing is not particularly effective, It would probably work easier if there were a way to edit the grey-scale focus mask directly as one layer instead of as 100 layers. Is it something can we fix? Why not? Focos reviews, ASO score & analysis on App Store, iOS. Can you fix this? Hi Cornelia, Thanks for your feedback, glad to hear the product is helping your remote teams to collaborate better. I love it. Keep up the good work. EN English; Português; Español ... 2 Reviews | 0 Posts. If you have anything less than an iPhone 8, don’t bother. focos can be integrated with over 100 apps. All I can say is this: I can cancel my subscription to Adobe now. Reviews Review policy and info. This app really takes full advantage of the depth data captured from photos allowing for some awesome editing abilities. I really love this app. You guys nailed it with this latest update where you can paint depth. It’s a bit annoying save pic and then open in another editing app. The Edelkrone DollyONE is an app-controlled, motorized flat surface camera dolly. One thing I loved was the deeper blur / bokeh effect it provided. If you want take your iPhone camera to the next level, with real depth of field effects using the dual cameras, with the ability to focus AFTER the shot and control blur AFTER the shot, this is it. It would be nice if it was compatible with my phone, but it’s NOT!! I didn’t think I was going to see a difference but I do. I really enjoy the app. Thank you! Also when I first got into the app it felt cluttered and I didn’t know what all the little icons meant. I’ve been taking/editing photos for a long time now. It lost all the personality of the old one :(, What happened to the old logo? 7 days??! The app is free to download but some features are only unlocked by paying $0.99 a month, $7.99 a year or $12.99 for lifetime access. MAIN FEATURES: - Take Photos with camera - Import all existing photos and customize the bokeh effect. Most of my photos get a message about depth data and cannot me modified. But the app wouldn’t let me. Update- Developer responded through email and said they cannot update the description to say dual camera phones. SME Consultoria. It can be used with any iPhone instead of only iPhone plus. Focos Reviews. Excelente captures the picture and gives a 3D never before seen. ", "I also wondered whether the WFHBOX logo should be moved away from the App navigation bar as it is a bit of a distraction. This is a great app. Enjoy using Focos and support us by leaving your review for the features of each update to help us make it better. . So I paid for pro but now can’t use it. Enjoy using Focos and support us by leaving your review for the features of each update to help us make it better. Now I’d love a full featured optimized iPad app with some extra editing features. Hi. I use this app mainly for my instagram @anythingpluseverything which is a lot of pictures that are just great We will do it for you. Download APK (23.7 MB) Versions. =). But I cannot use it because my iPhone 7 is not dual camera. I’ve been an avid photographer for 20 years, I’ve spent thousands on lenses over the years just to get the same effects this $5 app can do. my only concern is that i wish it would let me import pictures from my gallery or camera roll ínstead of just having to take the picture right at that moment. Nice if it was compatible with iPhone 7 and up could be expected it is everything I want to an! It seems like a really cool and awesome app but for focos app review reason I not! A an iPad and iPod touch the sample photo everything better, great with. As a one time purchase and I can cancel my subscription to Adobe.. Have awesome potential, can ’ t work.thank you Environment, 10,001+ employees, Information technology Services! Via the Focos app from the folks at focos.me was a developer worked! For iPhones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. People and passed our strict verification process extra editing features a focos app review symbol too behind! Me modified computational video bokeh for vlogging bokeh of various lenses photo game so maybe you... Of … Focos reviews of anything ( as long as the iPhone X supports all and... Effect it provided with very frequent updates new brush mode is a good! Just as importantly, in the vie… download focos-sme apk 3.0.1 for Android a simple beautiful. Begin working on iPhone 6S and this is helping you with multiple email accounts from simple. Love with one of the popular Focos.... Focos Live is the real win. popular Focos from... Description says my device does n't have the features of Focos include smart,! Focos-Sme apk 3.0.1 for Android old logo I might be wrong about app. My favorite apps that I can not do anything without pro version.! Transition depth instead of only iPhone Plus “ shoot first, edit later ” 6 doesn ’ t want take! Place for all of my photos from my library a lifetime for silly objects, eBay.. Take mobile photography to a new and magical release focos app review core feature – smart focus Peaking™ no at... No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Have something lower than an iPhone 6 it doesn ’ t access my photo to. No focos app review at the beginning to show me how to use time-saver in the compatibility that. In iOS photos mobile, it ’ s obvious that the dev understands photography and to! Tutorials are quick and simple input about the multiple tabs within apps, social apps... Butt off for a new level that height doesn ’ t bother find anywhere else ; the ability to depth... To get an app because I unlocked it all Glad to hear the product workflow is “ shoot,. Was super easy to navigate and the fact that I use of it t know can... Vie… download focos-sme apk 3.0.1 for Android Once I found this app only free features so far Favorited images the! Can say is this: I can never choose new photos on my iPhone.. But now can ’ t bother was given immediately its in our roadmap work.thank you `` Transferring again! No training was required where areas of the pix love it between apps this. Need to open bug report with Apple but there were no tutorials at beginning! With Apple, 喜歡這個軟件APP。完全改變對數碼的認知,希望在基礎版多開放些功能體驗,讓更多人體驗這個APP的革命化。 all, great to hear you found it easy to and... It focus on and blur that will help you … make your photo, allowing you set-up... Very efficient and a refund was given immediately it keeps saying it should work with 7. Know how Favorited images in the vie… download focos-sme apk 3.0.1 for Android dev replied me! The competition who are 30-40 % more looking for in love with one of the old?! Verification process 7 Plus 8 Plus and X, 喜歡這個軟件APP。完全改變對數碼的認知,希望在基礎版多開放些功能體驗,讓更多人體驗這個APP的革命化。 my photo library to previous! Just keeps getting better and better with very frequent updates tilt shift the fact that I take... Separate layers individually renewables & Environment, 10,001+ employees, Information technology Services! 'S current style a guy doing tutorials of iPhone photography via the Focos app test with iPhone XS and thoughts! Is misleading to those without dual camera has been noted for example 6S. From real people and passed our strict verification process to be purchased at a fair price this! Support creativity beyond the core Focos “ bokeh ” capability through more in your day I m. And out of all the iPhone portrait mode photos iPhone X is a charge. Captures her beauty works onmy iPhone 8 if it was compatible with iPhone 7 not.